1. Expertly Designed Layout

We listen carefully, because we understand that the flow of your hospital is very personal. If the flow is cohesive from the reception area to the treatment room to the location of the surgery suite, we’ve created a better environment for you to expertly care for animals.

Roger I think you’ve done a great job with the layout – challenging space but 5 exam rooms, double dental, and all the rest, pretty nicely done.

Mark Epstein, DVM, Total Bond Vets

2. Custom Designed Buildings

The building design is part of you and your hospital’s brand. By listening and observing your personal and work styles, we are able to match the hospital design to the brand you want to portray.

3. Individualized Design Process

Site Selection

During this initial phase, we would provide recommendations on site locations and preliminary site layouts.

Schematic Design Phase

Each clinic is unique in its flow and character. Collaboration with your team on the design of floor plans and building elevations is essential. These designs are conceptual in nature and while not all the details will be worked out at this phase, a thorough code review will be conducted before moving to the next phase.

Design Development Phase

During this phase of the design process, we will continue to refine the scope of the project as it pertains to how you use the building. Structural and building engineering will begin to coordinate with the architectural systems.

Construction Documents

At this point, all design decisions have been made. The construction details will take shape and drawings for permit will be produced.

Project Deliverables

Project deliverables include a full set of construction documents and specifications ready for permit. This could also include assistance with local municipalities, design review boards, and building departments.

Construction Administration

During this phase, we will work closely with the General Contractor to review RFI’s and shop drawings. We will also visit the site monthly during construction to review applications for payment and construction progress.

4. Design Priorities

The Most Important Aspects of Design

  • Fear Free
  • Welcoming
  • Cheerful
  • Natural Light
  • Durable Finishes
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Budget Friendly
  • Right Sized

5. Interior Design

The interior finishes of the space are a critical element in the function of your clinic. We want to blend your design aesthetic with the functionality of durable finishes that will last the lifetime of your practice.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Working with RLArchitecture means to trust the process. Roger and his staff took the time to get to know us on many different levels to be sure we got the design that best represented our business. We now have a beautiful, functional and award winning building that represents our story on the outside and is perfectly functional on the inside.

Dr. Greg Lowe, DVM (Rowan Animal Clinic)

Roger Layman has assisted with the design of two of my veterinary practices. Biscoe Pet Hospital was a local bank that we completely remodeled into a highly efficient and visually-pleasing facility. The beauty of this practice has not only created tremendous pride in our staff who are eager to give tours to clientele, but it has also led to the tremendous growth this start-up practice has experienced.

Randolph Animal Hospital was a new build that doubled the size of our existing practice to approximately 10,000 square feet. We strongly believe that design, incorporating the look, the feel and the overall experience of the practice is, oftentimes, overlooked by the vast majority of Veterinarians as a component of the success of their business. Roger listened, he devised a plan and ultimately delivered another winner that also checks off the boxes for creating an exceptional experience, an efficient floor plan, a modern design, while staying within budget. Roger was hands-on during the entire process and was very willing to engage with the contractor to make the project a success. I look forward to working with Roger on future ventures.

Dr. Brian Barnett, DVM (Randolph Animal Hospital & Biscoe Pet Clinic)