Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic

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October 12, 2019
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October 11, 2019


Crescent Care Vet Hospital



After purchasing this former real estate sales office, the owner asked if we could convert it to a modern veterinary hospital, without spending a lot of money. Existing buildings pose challenges of their own to the flow of a veterinary practice, this one was no exception. After resolving the zoning issues with the town, we met with Dr. Jeffrey Leeman who had agreed to lease the building for his start up clinic and was very open minded about the opportunities the existing building presented. The location and character of the existing building was just right for his new practice if we could overcome the center entry and symmetrical left and right wings that were former sales offices.

And we did! The center entry with its beautiful vaulted ceiling off of the front porch was kept and is now the reception, waiting and retail areas. Sounds simple and logical and it was. This is where the determination and open mind of Dr. Leeman really came to benefit him. We now had a hospital split in half by the entry with no way to cross the lobby. He loves to see his clients, and walking across the lobby didn’t seem to be a hindrance in his mind, so we continued. The left wing was transformed from two sales offices into three exam rooms and the existing breakroom became the pharmacy. We kept the existing restroom in place along with the electrical and IT closet. An existing exterior door allows for grieving clients to leave the clinic without having to go back through the lobby. The right wing had more challenges and extensive remodeling to accommodate the rest of a veterinary clinic. From this set of sales offices we created the treatment room, lab, surgery suite, X-ray and Isolation along with a small recovery room. We designed a large barn door to keep with the character of the clinic and separate this wing from the reception and lobby space. Dr. Leeman and his team moved into their new clinic in the Spring of 2018.