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RLA is comprised of a group of talented design professionals practicing in the fields of architecture, interior design, and space planning.  We strive to provide excellent architectural and interior design services to our clients who desire a custom, one of a kind project.  We are always aware of time and budget constraints and we enjoy the challenges these opportunities bring. 

RLA is also passionate about sustainable design. We understand the many components of a building and strive to make those pieces each as environmentally friendly as possible. From LEED certification to simple energy efficiency, we work with and for our clients to provide them not only an outstanding design, but a functional, responsible building as well.

To summarize, our approach to good design is founded upon the following key principles:

  • Listening to the client and responding to their specific needs
  • Focusing on timeless beauty and efficient functionality of the layout
  • Considering the environment, schedule, and budget throughout the process
  • Creating a unique and personal design which functions efficiently and effectively over time




Copeland Residence | Davidson NC (13 photos)

Perry Residence | Mooresville NC (5 photos)

Crupi Residence | Cornelius NC (2 photos)

Davidson Residence(3 photos)

Dilworth Residence(2 photos)

Richardson Residence (8 photos)

Farson Residence | Davidson NC(9 photos)

Hicks Residence | Huntersville NC(4 photos)

Private Residence | Huntersville NC(11 photos)

Kleber Residence | Charlotte NC(4 photos)

Lucas Residence | Huntersville NC(9 photos)

McCoy Residence | Huntersville NC(3 photos)

Nagy Residence | Mooresville NC(1 photo)

Owens Residence | Charlotte NC(13 photos)

Vanselous Residence | Davidson NC(3 photos)

Worsley Residence | Davidson NC(7 photos)


LaBella Associates serves Charlotte, Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius and Huntersville, North Carolina offering commercial and residential architecture as well as interior design and space planning. We're North Carolina's Architects!

Remodeling and Home Design

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